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NS Dental Clinic is a private dental clinic in Tbilisi that will take care of your smile. We provide a full range of dental services — from professional cleaning to the installation of implants.

In our work we always adhere to the principles:
Professionalism — only the highest quality of work and the most effective solutions to our clients’ issues.
Safety — all instruments undergo thorough sterilization and treatment, and our doctors always follow the medical standards.
Comfort — all procedures are carried out painlessly for clients and we always maintain a pleasant emotional environment.
For the whole family — our qualified doctors will take care of both adults and the youngest patients.

NS Dental Clinic — we create reasons for smiles!


NS Dent Clinic employs only qualified orthodontists, surgeons, therapists, periodontists and orthopedists who will take care of the health of…

Our works

NS Dental Clinic is not afraid to take on difficult cases! Look at our works — they will say better…


NS Dental Clinic is ready to help in all situations. We provide a wide range of services for oral health and smile beauty. Our doctors always apply an individual approach so that you are satisfied with the result for many years.

Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry is a branch of dentistry related to the treatment of diseases of the teeth and tissues of the…

Surgical dentistry

Surgical dentistry is a field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of the oral…

Professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is a set of procedures for restoring the color and aesthetic look of teeth. Dental hygienist removes…

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